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13 May 2010

Old world to be unveiled

It’s been a while that I’m very curious about China. In fact, the country was one of my preferred destinations when I went on my internship in 2006, though I ended up in Australia. On that time, my curiosity was related to perceived strong spirituality of the people, to the rich history and to the completely different way of thinking.

Having had the opportunity to live close to Chinese people in the latest years has shown me that the spirituality is not detached from mundane objectives, such as career financial progression and desire to buy stuff. And it probably shouldn’t, once most of Chinese inhabitants are still fighting to conquer minimum quality life standards.

Now, 4 years later, I have the opportunity to visit China – and for 3 weeks! My professional mission is to boost sustainability initiatives at Embraco’s production plant and R&D section. For doing that properly, I suppose it’s essential to recover 2 of my old objectives – get to know the country’s evolution and the way of thinking. On top of that, I shall add a 3rd one: understand how Chinese people see themselves at the moment, once their country is growing at absurd rates in the last 15 years and they have been living all the benefits and setbacks of the economic growth, from access to unthinkable goods to great pollution.

I’ll strive to listen more than I speak, to be humble and to bring my contribution to – maybe – broaden perspective. What I already know is that a consistent change towards sustainability is not made with ambitious timelines and accelerated actions. It rather emerges from new levels of thinking and from local employees taking the cause as their own.

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