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23 Aug. 2009

Sustainability in the president's agenda?

"It is quite easy to understand why the possibility of senator and ex-minister for the environment Marina Silva running for President of Brazil, in next year’s elections, can cause such excitement but also so much concern. Millions of Brazilians, sensitive to the ecological cause, to environmental and social sustainability, to climate change and our planet’s destiny, to the devastation of our ecosystems and the quality of life in our cities, yearn for a voice and a chance in the presidential campaign, so far limited to candidates promoting and proposing the classic 1960’s unsustainable model of economic growth. One can also understand the anguish of perplexed politicians asking themselves: is this Marina thing good for me? Bad for me?"

From Green Party leader Sirkis

I completely agree this last week has been very very interesting. The perspective of having a female presidential candidate who embodies ethics, grew up in the middle of the Amazon forest, comprehends some of Brazil's deepest social issues and seriously envisions the country walking on a sustainability path has moved so many smart people that it really seems we can dream with a future in which:
- we put
people first
- we think about our
grandchildren when taking important decisions
- we
value what is typically Brazilian
- we help building the country we all want as
participatory citizens
- we have the
government as a role model


Writing in O Globo newspaper, columnist Zuenir Ventura said Marina could bring a touch of Barack Obama to the Brazilian elections. "Marina excites young people, those who are disenchanted with the current situation [and] with the Workers' Party … in such a way that she could create a spontaneous and contagious movement within society … as innovative as that which occurred in the US with Obama."

For more, check the article on the UK Guardian

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