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10 Sep. 2008

Ilha Bela - a beautiful island

Last weekend, 9 friends and I had the pleasure to meet Galeno e reconnect to nature.

Galeno has been living in a place called Santa Seiva for 32 years now. In those years, he transformed an abandoned cattle raising land in a diverse, beautiful and thriving natural place. On top of cultivating all sorts of trees, flowers and organic vegetables, he has adopted principles of bio-architecture in all the constructions, so they would fit harmoniously with the natural whole.

As if the place wasn't enough, Galeno made sure we had a profound experience reconnecting to nature. We felt part of a loose rock being "played" by him, drank different teas, walked on a magma trail, climbed beach facing rocks, swam in cold transparent waterfalls, took part in a fire ceremony and had amazing conversations.

Hope you feel a little bit of the experience through the pictures below.

Galeno, the dedicated host

The place


Some of the reconnection experiences

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