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10 Oct. 2007

Back to the Essence

Some days ago, I had the incommensurable pleasure of reconnecting to the essence of life, taking a 2 days trek north of Luang Namtha, Laos.

The nature was exuberant, and showed us its beauty and power. The rain was pouring down, the terrain was super slippery and the greenest sights, forest-like smells and gentle touches from life in the mountains were breathtaking.

In the evening of the first day, after 7 hours walk and many falls on the mud, we arrived to the harmonious Akha village. Its 175 inhabitants were pretty excited to see us (they only see visitors about once a month) and taught us simplicity stands hand by hand with happiness. The dwellings were really basic, but everybody was always welcome. The rice based food was yummy, children had a lot of attention, romantic love was encouraged, and gates and ceremonies kept the bad spirits outside (as well as the community united, I must say). No wonder the Akha people go to the town every week, but always come back to the village.

A big thanks to Green Discovery (who promotes low impact eco tourism), to our amazing guy (who knew all about the forest and connected us to the culture of the village) and to my 3 fellow trekkers (the best company I could wish!)

The Akha village

In our sleeping hut

Yummy mountains food

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