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7 Aug. 2007

Youth in Australia

I’ve been thinking about posting about Australian Youth for a long time, but I didn’t want to jump into conclusions too fast, in order to be able to understand a bit more of the hidden part of the cultural iceberg. After chairing 2 youth conferences and facilitating 2 others (including a recent high school girls’ leadership event – thanks Flor and Lucy for the invite!), I think I’m ready to share some perceptions.

Young people in Australia are incredibly capable. They are smart, skilled, express themselves very well and have a fairly good understanding of the world’s situation. They are interested in internationalism, are free from pressures if they want to pursue an Arts degree and broadly wish to live in a better world. They value their leisure and life style a lot and have tons of opportunities available, such as education, government welfare programs, individual sponsorships and corporate jobs.

However, with all these things easily available, they tend to hop around different things and don’t generally commit a long / a lot of time for a project in which they believe. Therefore, big initiatives don’t tend to be carried on and beliefs such as “it’s too difficult” and “there’s not enough money” are reinforced.

Talking about Australian society, this behaviour probably works. People are exposed to different jobs throughout their lives, have a great quality of life and are happy, whereas the economy runs smoothly and prices rise proportionally to the incomes. On the other hand, it’s a pity to have these many capable people doing so little to transform a very uneven and unfair world out there.

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