Let our actions be the guardians of our dreams

27 May 2007

Poems & quotes #6: Great quotes by amazing female AIESEC alumni

Because "normal" people say awesome things all the time...

"Learn to dance with the universe. My experience – increasingly – over the past several years is that we can learn to work in tune with the universe. Often when we are in flow, things don't actually come from us, but rather come through us, and it is our work to learn how to be this channel, and how to access flow."
Marianne Knuth

"Think about it ... is life something different than a journey where day after day we have the right to choose who we want to be? And who we want to be is driven by our dreams. Let´s be conscious around that and be clear that dreams are realities and they are not buzzwords! Let´s enjoy this constant activity of exploring and taking choices and let these choices be the guardians of our dreams. If we approach life like that, I am pretty sure there is always a reason to wake up every day with a smile and with this emotion on our hearts that we feel when we are so close to our dreams."
Oriana Torres

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