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24 Jan. 2007

My last AIESEC conference

The purpose of my visit to Adelaide was actually the AIESEC in Australia National Conference, which I had the pleasure to chair. It was quite a different experience to me to be in another country's national conference, at the same time not understanding the whole picture and being responsible for the accomplishment of all objectives, which involved growth in currently processes, introduction of new strategies and elections of the new leadership team.

What can I say? It was great!!! The national team is quite competent and supportive, the participants were very energetic and I felt very comfortable to tell stories, contribute to an inspirational mood and enhance the individual and organisational learning. Besides, it was great to be again in a passionate environment and test my multitask abilities ;o)

One of the most special moments for me was closing plenary. We all took our shoes off and entered a semi dark room, covered by paper. On the paper we could write the special moments, learnings and desired next steps, while a calm music was playing. Then, everyone received a candle and could place it anywhere it made sense. A final message from my side and each one could give the candle to somebody essential in their conference. It was great to create such an unexpected, different and touching environment for each participant in the final responsibility moments of what probably was my last AIESEC conference.

Thanks Ralph, Mel, Ausra, Michael, Kyle and Ruth for the opportunity. Thanks AIESECers for your energy and for the space to interact and learn from you. See you around!

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