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14 Feb. 2007

Arts and the new emerging paradigm

Some days ago I went to a beautiful, beautiful dance show, inserted into the Chinese New Year's celebrations and performed by awards winners chinese dancers.

As I was watching and sensing the show, I started connected it to what I've been studying recèntly. Many of the great authors I've been reading - Capra, Senge, Wheatly, etc - relate the newest organisational learning theories with science, especially biology, and nature, generally referring to the non-human aspects of it.

As I saw the chinese dance - and remember my times dancing in a high quality dance group, I figured out that humans also understand what that interdepence and holistic view mean, and constantly express that through art. That's nothing more interdependent than a great dance group: for being successful, it needs a great group of musicians (already depending on each other) and a good amount of dancers, each one with a specific role to play, with no space
for individualism, in the name of harmony and beauty.

It seems like we have a lot to learn with our culture, emotions and intuition. Maybe we should dance more often...

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