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20 Dec. 2006

Reflection: Interconnections

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend about what we can really and effectively do in order to improve our world a little bit. His point was that everything was extremely intricate that all changes didn’t seem to impact the system substantially.

Last night I went to the movies to watch Babel. In the same line as Traffic and Crash, the film shows different apparently independent situations, which are amazingly interconnected and influencing each other importantly.

All the three movies talk about the schizophrenia and inequality of our society. The interesting fact is that all the situations can be understood if analysed in isolation, but can never be genuinely comprehended or accepted in the broader context.

Adding to all this the facts that many people behave properly (in terms of fairness of their relations with other people and the world around them) and that some other feel the need to do something truly meaningful and transformative, my answer to my friend was: you gotta start!

Never before were as many critical movies produced and watched, was there a big range of visionary networks and organisations in action, and especially was there an extremely democratic and disseminated platform for communication and engagement: the internet and self governed web portals.

Therefore, even not visualising the whole impact of what we’re doing, we gotta start! Start not contributing to what we think is wrong (after all, we cannot do peace through war); doing what we makes sense to us; and engaging with people who share our beliefs.

We never know what we’ll end up achieving. All we know is when we’re passionate about what we’re doing, other ideas, opportunities and allies show up. And in a very interconnected world, the movement can achieve never imagines proportions!

To finalise, here comes a quote from a fantastic book I read recently:

"I am a crowd, obeying as many laws
As it has members. Chemically impure
Are all 'my' beings. There is no single cure
For what can never have a single cause

Aldous Huxley, in The Island

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At 3:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting point. I also think there are people who see there role as doing right in the small circles in which they interact, vs the larger community - I'm not sure either is better.

Another point is how you start, is it better to work on impact somewhere with a group which is established and shares your ideas (where one exists) or by engaging with people who may not have thought about the area you're addressing and creating momentum.

Any thoughts on where you're going start? ;)

(see you in sydney in a few weeks!)


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