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15 Jan. 2007

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve was absolutely amazing!

First, we invited all AIESEC interns in the country to come to Sydney. And most of them came! Counting alumni, friends and randoms, we were probably 30 – 40 people!

Second, Jhow and Jerry arrived in the Botanic Gardens at 8 in the morning and found the perfect spot for us to see the fireworks: by the harbour, just in front of both the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Third, we were 3/8 of the MC team together: Jhow, Lucy (who flew from Adelaide) and I. Amazing!

Well, the fireworks show was beautiful! It was quite special as well, as it was celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Harbour Bridge.

After watching it, we all headed to my house and did a little bit of a party there. Then, around 4a.m. we took the bus and went to Bondi beach, to see the sun rising from the ocean in the very first day of the year. As a good Brazilian, I jumped 7 waves and asked for a wonderful year!

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