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16 Jan. 2007

Feeling Australian #2 - Topless (no pictures!!!)

This post is extremely personal, but I need to do it, especially for my MC mates, to whom I told I was going to Australia to play beach volley and do topless. Well, I’ve played beach volley before and it was not a big deal. But the topless remained as a challenge.

Just after coming back from Melbourne, I had one free day and decided to go to the beach by myself. As I was alone and there were other women doing topless, I decided that was the right moment for trying it myself.

Very shy, I took off my top and remained laid down, so it wouldn’t be too evident. The interesting thing was nobody really paid attention to me. Everybody in the beach continued doing what they were doing, girlfriends were not particularly jealous and my behaviour was seen as normal.

The whole experience lasted 10 minutes, but it was quite a long time for me. I was impressed and happy with the natural way of seeing the body and the respect for individual choices.

Quite an experience!



At 9:59 am, Blogger Devrim said...

Topless eh? :)

At 11:24 am, Blogger Brett Gibson said...

pictures available on request? :D

At 9:58 pm, Blogger Aristóteles Nogueira Filho said...

Olá Gabi!!!

falar de cultural understanding é fácil né =] dificil é fazer topless e dar beijinho em francês :)
Fiquei morrendo de inveja do seu fim de ano!! Show de bola! Se encontrar com a Lucy novamente, mande um beijo!!!



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