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1 Dec. 2006

March Against Global Warming

Hello guys! Sorry for being very late with the posts! As I have many things to tell, you can expect quite a lot of news in the next week.

I’m starting with a very old but extremely relevant one. On November 4th, I joined the March Against Global Warming. This movement ( is happening all around the world and had around 20.000 people marching in Sydney, ironically in a cold and rainy day.

What impressed me the most was the common direction among people from extremely opposite political views. There were liberals, socialists, environmentalists, artists, students, famous personalities and obviously lots of anonymous citizens. Is the union against global warming the new common flag in our world?

Amongst all the participants, the ones that called my attention the most was the family below. Extremely coherent, they are being extremely conscious about their own impact and making the needed efforts to cut their emissions in every way possible: eating, clothing, living and having fun sustainably.

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