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23 Dec. 2006


There’s something extremely cool happening in Australia before Christmas – the Carols. Carols are events when people get together to sing Christmas songs and enjoy each others’ company.

The first one I went to was the Victoria Park Carols, which happened in the Park in front of where I lived in my first two weeks in Australia. There were around 400 people present, pretty much everybody from the neighbourhood. I really, really liked that! The community feeling was evident and the engagement with the commerce and schools around was part of the ceremony, as well as the presence of families doing a picnic in the park while the show didn’t start.

As I liked the concept very much, I went to a second Carols, this time in the Domain. Very different from the first, it was a huge show, counting with the presence of 100.000 people, some of the best singers in the country, a big charity campaign and TV forecasting. There was a big group of us present and it was amazing, especially the final moments, when everybody gets up, lights candles and sing together for a great Christmas and a peaceful new year.

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