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11 Nov. 2006

Punk House Party

Certainly, the most successful party we’ve done so far. Just like the previous one, we picked a theme and invited the friends of the 4 of us. This time, we put some more effort on the decoration (there were punk bands posters around the house), the weather helped a lot and people really got into the theme (I dyed my hair green, by the way ;o)). In the end, we counted around 100 people in the party!

Cool, isn’t it? What was not that cool was to sleep about 2 hours and wake up to go to the airport. But it is for a great reason: going to Brazil for my brother's wedding!!! And I’ll be confused about “what time it is” anyway soon…



At 12:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muito legal essa festa temática gabiss! Agora, para o Jhow parecer punk, ele vai ter q nascer denovo :)



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