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7 Nov. 2006

Melbourne Cup

Also known as “a celebration that stops a nation”, this horse racing is happens in the first Tuesday of November, is extremely traditional and really stops Australia.

In my work, we worked until 12 and then went to a restaurant in Darling Harbour, a very nice place. The company sponsored the day, the food was great, free drinks and some betting. Many races went on during the whole day, but the most important one started punctually at 3 p.m. Everybody stopped, ran to a big screen and cheered all through the 3 minutes race. And then? Then the laid back atmosphere returned and people continued enjoying the day and drinking.

The whole experience was quite strange and interesting to me, but what called my attention the most was that people really dressed up for the occasion, buying new dresses and even wearing hats. I can understand that people dress fancily to watch the race in the stadium, but to watch it on a TV in a bar?!?

For the ones wondering if I was lucky, I need to say that… I was! Even knowing nothing about horses, I kept the tradition and won a non important third prize, which allowed me to pay the betting!

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