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5 Oct. 2006


Sports are something quite important in Australia. People in general practice some sort of physical activity and the TV plays a lot of sports, especially on weekends.

Swimming is quite important, as well as cricket, but as far as I noticed the big thing here are the footballs. Yeah, footballs, because there are 3 (maybe 4) types of football.

Soccer: increasing its popularity since the last World Cup, it’s certainly not the most popular one.

Australian rules football (AFL): played with the non round ball, it demands agility and it’s an interesting game, with lots of players in each side (18, if I’m not mistaken). The athletes are quite handsome, as well. The grand final just happened between the Sydney Swans and the West Coast Eagles. Unfortunately Sydney didn’t win.

Rugby league and rugby union: largely played, it demands lots of physical strength and it’s a little bit violent in my opinion. The grand final for the league just happened between the Melbourne and the Brisbane team. Brisbane won (and I was there by the time), people were very happy but no huge party took place (compared to the ones we’re accustomed to see in Brazil, when a team wins an important championship).

I’m still learning the rules and might start playing in my company’s team soon. I heard our team is very crappy; so I probably can’t make it any worse…

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At 6:54 am, Blogger SiddharthP said...

wait till the Ashes start and the summer arrives full on, n check out the magic of cricket. We shall go to a game sometime, its fabulous!

At 2:29 pm, Blogger Steve Phillips said...

Just to clarify, rugby union and rugby league are two different sports - they are both variants of the same idea, but the rules are significantly different.

Rugby union has its roots in the British public (they're called 'public', but are actually very, very private) school system, so it's more of an upper class game, whereas rugby league has traditionally been a game played by the working classes...



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