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3 Oct. 2006

Brisbane - preparation and getting there

Last weekend I started my longer trips inside Australia. And it was just fantastic!

Two weeks ago, I met my Argentinean friend Cecilia in the MSN and she told me she had a friend in Australia, who was very nice. This person, Ahn, was not only nice, but extremely receptive and excited. She wrote me saying I should go and visit her, that she could organise a good outdoor program and that I should do that soon, as she was going to Cambodia in less than two months, to do some humanitarian work for 1 year.

I loved the idea! Getting to know we would have a long weekend in 1 week, I bought train tickets, wrote to my other friend Angie, and decided to go. The trip took 14 hours each way, but was 100% worth it, as you’ll see!

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