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3 Oct. 2006

Brisbane - natural program

I arrived in Brisbane before 7 in the morning. And Anh and her boyfriend were waiting for me in the train station. We drove 2 hours to the north, to Cooloola National Park, just after Noosa, in the Sunshine cost.

In the middle of our way, we stopped at a local fair, completely “Small is beautiful” (reference to Schumacher’s book). Built integrated with a green area, the fair stores sell organic food, artistic objects and general goods. Lots of families with kids, live music and some tourists present. Awesome!

Once we arrived in the natural park, we rent a canoe and a kayak, paddled one hour and a half and arrived in a quite isolated place, where we camped. Tent set up, we canoed down the river for around 4 hours, taking advantage of the perfect weather, having good conversations, enjoying the contact with nature and appreciating the rich views, fauna and flora. I was especially amazed by the sight of the trees reflected in the river. If you take our pictures, you almost can’t say what side is up.

At night, we were completely exhausted! Cooked dinner, played cards, told more stories and went to sleep. I was so tired that I didn’t hear the heavy rain and thunders during the night.

I enjoyed soooo much! I think I forgot how much I like this contact with nature, especially to re-equalise my energy and check what’s really necessary to live well.

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