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3 Oct. 2006

Brisbane - green city?

On Monday, I had the chance to spend the morning around the city, which is quite interesting. The weather is great (by the way, Queensland is called “The Sunshine State”), the city is not too crowded and there is a river passing in the middle of the city. Besides, there are some signs of what could be the starting of a green city:

- I saw quite a lot of people riding their bikes;
- There are some parks in the city, including a very nice Botanic Garden, very close to the city centre;
- The new buses of the city are powered by natural gas;
- One of the public transports widely used is a ferry, powered by bio-diesel;
- And the most interesting of all: a green bridge was built just for the circulation of buses, bikes and pedestrians.

After the tour, I went to the university, where I met Angie, who went to the Peace Project with me in Poland, in 2003. Angie is finishing her PhD in Peace and Conflict, in which she studied the genocide in Rwanda. She recently got married, is going to move to Canberra in February to work for the national diplomatic department, and has an old orange kombi van, with which she travels with her husband to different places. After the description, I think I don’t need to say how much I enjoyed to meet her and how cool the conversations were!

As my time in Brisbane finished, I took the bus back to Sydney. As the photo witnesses, I was tired, with blister in my fingers (reminders of the canoeing effort), but extremely happy and inspired by the two awesome women I met there – Anh and Angie. Thanks, girls!

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