Let our actions be the guardians of our dreams

7 Sep. 2006


I’m very impressed on how Australians lead with homosexuality. Three examples will illustrate what I want to express:

- In my first week of work, I saw the cutest guy in my office (in the office, a quite formal environment) with a t-shirt saying “sorry girls, I’m gay”;

- About 2 weeks ago, I was in a pub with some friends of a guy that I met and we starting commenting about the hot people present in the place. Without ceremony, he revealed he was bisexual and felt attracted by a specific guy;

- Today, the most curious of all. One of my female colleagues saw some papers in my desk and asked: are we working with this company? How cool! My girlfriend works there.

I used to consider myself very open-minded and without prejudices. But I need to admit that this kind of situation is not normal for me, as I followed how hard it was for all my Brazilian gay friends stand up and assume their sexuality.

In Sydney, differently, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. Some facts:

- The city is the second biggest gay city in the world (the first is San Francisco, in US);

- It hosts maybe the most famous gay parade in the world;

- There’s a big area close to the city centre (and relatively close to where I live) where many gays live and have fun, in many pubs, cafes, gyms and clubs;

- I’m not sure about legal rights – I’d better research about that!

- It’s quite common to see gay couples walking hand-by-hand in the streets.

Seems like Sydney citizens really live diversity and worry more about enjoying life than following rules. And it seems they live much lighter, as a result. I have the impression this doesn’t happen out of the big cities, though, at least when the topic is homosexuality.

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