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18 Sep. 2006

Australian Personality #2 – Mr. Smith

While in the beach, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Smith (picture below). Mr. Smith was in the beach in the end of the afternoon, walking around with his metal detector!?! My first (dumb) thought was that he was looking for land mines. As I was too curious not to talk to him, I approached him and we had a very pleasant conversation. He told me he was looking for coins, which people accidentally drop. He explained me everything about this market: all you need to do if by a metal detector, commonly sold in tools stores; in winter, you don't find as many coins; on the other hand, there is a lot of competition in summer; etc.

Besides making a living, Ms Smith is a very popular character in the beach, as everybody knows him and many people look for him when they lose their mobiles, watches, cameras and so on.

A true personality!

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