Let our actions be the guardians of our dreams

19 Aug. 2006

Things happen when we're open to them

On October 30th, my parents went with me to the airport in Porto Alegre. I need to say it involved some emotion, as I was leaving for a long time and for a very, very far place. Anyhow, it wasn't sad, at all. I think people who love me are getting accustomed to see me far - and I really don't know if it's good or bad.

My 30 hours flight had the following itinerary: Porto Alegre > Montevideu > Buenos Aires > Auckland > Sydney. In Buenos Aires, we faced a big delay. Following my philosophy that every place is place for making friends, I joined a fantastic conversation of some Brazilians and Argentineans about Australia and New Zealand, all of them with different stories and different expectations - some of them were going for visiting, some for living, some were coming for the first time, some coming back. One of the guys was very special and we sat close in the airplane afterwards - a very good company. I exchanged phone numbers with the girls and we might meet in Sydney. Cool to have friends even before arriving, isn't it?



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