Let our actions be the guardians of our dreams

19 Aug. 2006

Starting a new cycle

My term in the National Committee of AIESEC in Brazil was fantastic: very challenging, intense, always surrounded by fantastic people, with lots of traveling and very good opportunities popping up. And, at this point, I'm very convinced it lasted exactly the time I was taking the most of it.

After leaving Sao Paulo, I had 4 weeks for resting, enjoying my family, meeting friends from different phases of my life, go to the beach and get prepared for Australia: study the country, solve visa issues and, most importantly, assess my personal goals and momentum.
Doing such, I learned a bunch of things:

- not being developed in all aspects of my life is not a lack of balance, but a characteristic that tells a lot about me (thanks Ivan);

- capitalizing on our dreams, interests and desires is the best way to discover and fulfill my personal mission, if we're very far from being able to explain how, from where and why we're here (thanks Tici);

- friendship is a great and strong linkage we have with a few special people, not completely dependent on interests and choices - and we'd better cherish that feeling (thanks Marcelo and Paolla);

- great experiences are around the corner every second of our lives!

Well, seems like I'm learning a lot. And I truly expect to continue this process in Australia, exposing myself to new situations and people, and taking care of my affections and spirituality.



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