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21 Aug. 2006

Middle East talks

On my 3rd day of work, I took a lift back home with John, one of the company directors. John is English, around 35 years old, very friendly and worked for Cola-Cola in various countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yemen.

Talking about tolerance and gender issues, John said that the countries are quite different. In Yemen, they are quite tolerant with western women; in Egypt, they would see them as sluts; and in Saudi Arabia as blasphemous. The whole problem is all this “structure” is supported by local governors, who posses 90% of the wealth and do not really live the things they preach.

Continuing our Middle East talk and moving to the conflicts subject, I said that many times I didn’t really see a solution for the area (or to Brazilian drug dealing in slums), as the complexity is huge and there are no compromised efforts towards solving the problem.

John, on the other hand, said everything people need is hope and the possibility to have security, a house and a family. Supporting that affirmation, he brought the IRA episodes in UK, which happened in the last decades of the 20th century. Who wouldn’t prefer peace and opportunities to insecurity and war?

Very deep and political, I know…

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