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19 Aug. 2006

Arriving in beautiful Sydney

Welcome to beautiful Sydney!

As the plane was arriving in the morning, we could already see the harbour and the beaches of the city from the air. A wonderful reception!

In land, the reception was at least as good. No complications in the immigration and a big delegation of AIESECers was waiting for me (even with the delay!). Thanks AIESEC in Sydney!

In the afternoon, I went with Carl (alumnus) around the city. We walked a lot (really!) and it was just awesome! There are some older building (not too old though, as Australia is a young country) and many interesting places - art galleries, restaurants, pubs, bookshops, etc. Although the city is big (more than 4 million people) the feeling is of being in a village, in most of the times, due to the not too busy traffic, complete sense of security and parks all around.

Some of the places we've visited: Botanic Garden, Oxford Street, Kings Cross, Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Queen Victoria's Building. The sunset was amazing!

To finalize the day, Thai food with AIESECers. Good start! Tomorrow is the fist day of work…



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